The Romance of Riding Horseback in Puerto Vallarta

There is something majestic about horseback riding in Puerto Vallarta, next to the person you love, that creates a desire for romance and affection. Maybe it’s the unbridled power beneath you, the surrounding natural beauty of being one with nature, or maybe it’s the sentiment of doing something different. Whatever the reason, horseback riding in Puerto Vallarta ignites a passion among couples that has them turning up the romance in magnificent ways.

Horseback Riding in Puerto Vallarta

There are two very different styles of horseback riding in Puerto Vallarta that can be enjoyable for all: a shorter ride along the beach or a longer excursion in the countryside and mountains.

For some, cantering on the shores of the city’s beautiful beaches, while the salty breeze caresses your face, is the ultimate adventure. Riders can head out on an extremely romantic endeavor, especially during the evenings when the sun is about to set. Because these kinds of horseback riding tours are naturally shorter, beach rides are the perfect way to experience the thrill of horseback riding, without suffering from the bumpiness of a rougher terrain. On these trips, riders are encouraged to take in the beauty of Vallarta’s shores and revel in the experience of doing something different together. The serene beauty and nostalgic ambience of beach riding often leads to a romantic sentiment that will have you and your partner galloping to the same rhythm long after the ride is over.

For others, taking off on a longer excursion, through the rivers and jungles that surround the city, is the perfect way to enjoy horseback riding in Puerto Vallarta to the fullest. Heading outside of the touristy areas to the quiet ranches that lie on the outskirts of the city, is the ideal way to get the most out of a horseback riding experience and there is no shortage of tour companies in Vallarta offering packages for all day excursions. The tranquil settings of river and mountain treks is an experience you won’t want to miss.

Whether you’re trotting down the shoreline, letting the waves crash beneath you, or cantering alongside the river, weaving in and out of the lush forests, you and your loved one are sure to have an amazing time horseback riding in Puerto Vallarta.

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