Stunning Wedding Make-up Tutorials

You want to look like a goddess on the most important day of your life, right? More importantly, you want to look great in your photos too. Whether you are paying a professional to do your wedding make-up, or your best friend is going to do the happy task, be sure to know what kind of look you are after.

Make-up shy brides might be considering simply slapping on a little blusher and mascara but there is a skill to achieving even a natural look for weddings. Without the right wedding make-up, you could looked washed out in your wedding photos; and don’t forget, when dancing your first waltz as Mrs. Happy, you want to make sure that your make-up lasts well into the night.

Never fear! We found a couple of great wedding make-up tutorials to give you some ideas as to the look you might want to achieve for your big day. These videos show Mathias Alan, a make-up artist from LA who specializes in celebrities and wedding make-up. He’s great fun to watch and gives some top tips about achieving a flawless look.

Day Brides, Make-up Tutorial

Watch Mathias Alan transform this girl into a stunning bride for a lighter look that is perfect for the day and dancing into the night.




Glamorous Bridal Look for the Night

Here, you will see a glamorous, smouldering look that is ideal for your evening wedding reception.

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