What’s the Best Choice for Legal Weddings – Mexico or Back Home?

Destination weddings are big business across the world these days, and this trend shows no sign of fading just yet! The great weather, good food, amazing service, and beautiful, tropical locations hold great allure for couples from the USA and Canada in particular.

There is some concern, however, for some people that their wedding, should they have it in Mexico, will not be considered legal when they return home. While there is no doubt at all that the ceremonial side of your wedding will be a roaring success, some still question whether they should (or can) get legally married in Mexico.

Weddings in Mexico are Legal

Despite what you may have been told destination weddings held in Mexico will be legally binding when you return home, so you needn’t worry. The confusion, no doubt, comes from the need to register your wedding, and perhaps translate your certificate, when you return home.

If you are worried about staying on the right side of Mexican marital law it would be wise to hire a wedding planner, or some other agent who can help you with the arrangement of legal paperwork and meetings with necessary officials. If you have the right help your Mexican wedding can be as simple as turning up a day or two early to sign paperwork and confirm bookings!

Getting married legally back home first

Of course, if you want to bypass all of that you can simply have your legal wedding ceremony at home and then hold a more lavish symbolic one when you get to Mexico. Some people choose to use the legal ceremony as a way to invite all the people who couldn’t make it to Mexico, whilst others keep it very small and intimate.

In the end it’s all up to you; your wedding day should always be, first and foremost, about what you as a couple need and want from the occasion. Whether you have your legal wedding at home or in Mexico, your destination wedding is sure to be a magical event!

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