Honeymoon Must-Haves: Packing Advice

If you are a bride-to-be, you have no doubt been busy working on wedding plans, ensuring your big day will be as magical as you have always dreamed.  But have you put much thought into your honeymoon?  Planning this first trip as newlyweds often goes on the backburner, whether it is for budgetary reasons or simply because you just feel overwhelmed with planning your wedding, let alone a vacation!  However, it is really something that deserves just as much care as your nuptials.  After all, your honeymoon is your first chance to relax together after saying “I do”.  That is why having a plan, especially when it comes to packing, will help you get the most out of your downtime together.  

Honeymoon must-haves and packing advice


Deciding what to pack for your honeymoon depends largely on your destination.  The wardrobe required for a tropical beach getaway will be wildly different than what you need for an escape to a ski resort in the mountains.  Keeping that in mind, there are still several items you will want to pack no matter where you are headed in order to make your honeymoon truly unforgettable.  Take a look at the top items to include in your luggage, regardless of where your honeymoon will take place:

  • Sexy lingerie is a must for your honeymoon, especially on your first night away
  • A special outfit to wear during your first honeymoon dinner
  • Perfume and other scented items such as lotion or body wash that you used on your wedding day so that you can continue to create special memories you will associate with these particular smells
  • Something to read on the plane or during downtime; magazines and books for yourself and your new spouse will keep you both entertained
  • Unless you are planning on starting a family right away, be sure you take your preferred method of birth control so you don’t end up with any surprises!
  • A collapsible cooler or insulated tote will keep snacks and beverages (champagne, perhaps?) cold if you decide to venture out
  • A playlist on your phone or iPod of all the music you two love to listen to together; make sure you take a lightweight, portable speaker for on-the-go tunes
  • A knockout ensemble to wear on the final night of your honeymoon to end on a high note
  • Underneath, wear some gorgeous lingerie as a surprise to make your last night all the more special
  • A stylish yet comfortable outfit to wear during your travels back home that will suit the climate you are returning to.

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