The Most Romantic Television Wedding Proposals

The Most Romantic Television Wedding Proposals

Little girls all over the world grow up envisioning their wedding day.  It’s usually a romantic affair where Prince Charming rolls in and sweeps the stunning princess off her feet.  While many of these extravagant dreams of white horses and grand gestures are left to the wayside, some grooms have made proposing an exceptionally romantic event.  Here are some of the most epic television wedding proposals to get you ready for the upcoming wedding season.  And who knows, maybe they’ll even inspire you to pop the question yourself.

1. FRIENDS – Who could create an epic television wedding proposal list without including the lovable household characters that revolutionized modern sitcoms? During the 10 seasons of Friends, two wedding proposals melted hearts and left viewers rooting for their favorite couples. Phoebe and Mike stayed true to their kooky and chaotic characters with a series of wedding proposals that failed time and time again. Before Mike could make the grand wedding proposal, Phoebe shot him down without even realizing it. Settling for an impromptu moment, Mike pops the question and Phoebe graciously accepts. And who can forget the confusing scramble that nearly ended the long-term relationship between Monica and Chandler? In a twist of events, Monica gets down on one knee in her candle-filled apartment for a tear jerking proposal that left viewers grabbing for tissues.


2. GREY’S ANATOMY – What better way to end a long shift at work than by entering the elevator and leaving engaged? Derek Shepherd, Seattle Grace Hospital’s resident McDreamy, set up a beautiful ode to Meredith Grey, the love of his life, by decorating the inside of an elevator with significant memorabilia from their work and private life. Derek takes Mer on a tour of x-rays, brain scans and other mementos, detailing what each item is from and how it made him fall more in love. Without getting down on one knee, Derek confesses that he’d like to live the rest of his life with Meredith. What an original and romantic wedding proposal!


3. PARKS & RECREATION – Surprise wedding proposals are always the best and most romantic, especially when a significant other isn’t even supposed to be in the same city!  After a long stint away while working in Washington, Ben returns to Pawnee to surprise Leslie in an awe-inspiring moment that she wants to remember forever.  While visiting the house that they are supposed to be buying together, Leslie is sad because Ben has received a job in Florida.  Worrying her dreams might never become a reality, Leslie is surprised when he shows up with a very important question.  Twice, Leslie stops him, attempting to focus on the perfection of the moment, before allowing him to continue with his heartfelt romantic wedding proposal.  This epic TV moment, expertly executed by two of America’s favorite television personalities, shows just how love supersedes all others.


4. THE OFFICE – Jim’s proposal to Pam on the Office proves there is no better time than the present to pop the question. While Pam is away studying art in New York, she and Jim meet up halfway in between the two cities. In the middle of the gas station in the pouring rain, Jim gets down on one knee in an epic TV moment that left viewers drying their eyes. Not your usual romantic wedding proposal but memorable nonetheless.


5. HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER – Maybe the least likely character in television history to tie the knot, Barney Stinson surprises fans with a profound and touching wedding proposal to Robin. In true Barney fashion, he sets up an agonizing scheme and then reveals it in a step by step moment to remember. Originally shocked and upset, Robin says “yes,” after she realizes the full extent of Barney’s intentions.


If you can think of any romantic TV wedding proposals that we have missed. Leave your comments below.

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