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Mexico Weddings – Caribbean or Pacific Coast?

When planning a destination wedding, it seems like there a million decisions that need to be made. Some aspects of planning a wedding are fun, there are cakes to be tasted, dresses to be tried on, flowers to be chosen. Others are not so much fun, like seating arrangements to fight over, or dealing with crazy future in-laws; but one of the biggest and most exciting decisions to be made is the location. If you’re considering Mexico for a beach wedding, the diverse and alluring scenery of Mexico’s two coastlines can provide the perfect, whimsical backdrop for you to say your “I dos”. So how do you choose between the Caribbean and the Pacific Coast for your Mexico Wedding?

Mexico Weddings – Caribbean or Pacific Coast?

Mexico Weddings - Caribbean or Pacific Coast

Deciding which side of Mexico to choose for your wedding can be difficult, and should not depend solely on which destinations have the most direct flights from your home town, although that is a consideration if you want lots of family and friends to attend your Mexico wedding. Both coastlines boast distinct features that should be taken into consideration when making your final choice.

Mexico Weddings on the Pacific Coast


Mexico’s Pacific coast presents an array of beautiful locales for stunning beach weddings, from Los Cabos in Baja California, with its beach-front villas and hacienda-style architecture, to the resort town of Puerto Vallarta, offering a lively cityscape with an exploding food scene, or the sleepy villages of Riviera Nayarit which cater to everyone from the posh to the boho.

On Mexico’s west coast you can find unparalleled scenery with features like the Sierra Madre mountain range, stunning sunsets, gorgeous golden sand and deep blue water. If you venture to the Central Pacific coast for your Mexico wedding, be prepared to see humpback whales breaching on the horizon as 800 pass through the area every winter. For the foodie couples, you can find fresh lobster in small beach communities, dine in one of the many 5 star restaurants or enjoy farm-to-table locales.

If you’re looking for a little more privacy for your Mexico wedding, the Pacific coast offers island destinations that could provide unforgettable setting for your nuptials. On the west coast, you will also find that it experiences less wind and a more defined rainy season, making your wedding planning just a little bit easier.

Mexico Weddings on the Caribbean Coast

Mexico Weddings - Caribbean or Pacific Coast

If you are looking for white sand beaches, and turquoise water then Mexico’s Caribbean coast is the place for you. Here destination wedding locations include Cancun which is experiencing a new focus on upscale travel, or Riviera Maya which delivers jungles, mangroves and exotic wildlife in addition to some of the most luxurious all inclusive resorts. If spending time on the beach is what you’re looking for, the east coast has exquisite beaches that you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

Choosing a Caribbean wedding in Mexico also means that you can plan a number of eco-tours where you and your guests can go bike-riding, explore the marine life, or go on a wilderness adventure. For those that are seeking something truly original, underwater wedding ceremonies are offered here too. A little too extreme? Couples can also wed in gorgeous archaeological sites like an underground wine cave that will really give the guests something to talk about when they get home. If history is more your thing, 1,000 year old Mayan ruins are waiting to be explored. See the observatories, palaces, temple pyramids, and ceremonial sites and try to envision what life was once like.

So whether you’re an adrenaline junkie, foodie, history buff, or something else, Mexico’s variety of activities, adventures, and backdrops can make the decision of which coast to get married on a difficult one, but no matter what you decide, your Mexico wedding is sure to impress and provide everyone who joins you with lifelong memories.

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