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Cancun is a Favorite for Indian, Persian and Arabian Weddings

While it might not be the destination that first springs to mind for Indian and Muslim weddings, believe it or not, Cancun is one of the most popular locations in Mexico for South Asian weddings. With an ever increasing number of brides and grooms of South Asian origin living in the USA and Canada seeking an idyllic setting for their Hindu, Sikh, Gujarati, Punjabi, Jain, Sindhi, Persian and Arabic weddings, amongst other South Asian traditions, the South Asian Wedding Institute has begun certifying professionals within the wedding industry to deliver tailored services.

Why is Cancun a favorite for Hindu, Persian and Arabian Weddings?
One of the main attractions of Cancun as the ideal setting for South Asian weddings, is much the same as other destination weddings: the weather. With more than 300 sunny days forecasted each year and consistent warm temperatures, the climate in Cancun is highly conducive to creating weddings that go down in family history.

Likewise, the stunning beaches and the tropical hues make for the most incredible wedding photography in Cancun. The bright and vibrant clothing and decorations that are customary for Indian, Persian and Arabian weddings are set off with style against a backdrop of Cancun’s white sand and turquoise ocean. Another reason for Cancun’s popularity among this sector is Mexico’s close proximity to the United States and Canada where a large number families of South Asian descent currently reside. Choosing Cancun is a happy medium, seeking the climate and setting that is similar to their heritage without having to travel so far.

In 2014 alone, Cancun was host to more that 350 South Asian weddings, which welcomed an average of 150 to 700 guests to events that lasted anywhere between three days and fifteen. As such, many hotels, resorts and wedding planners in Cancun have begun to deepen their understanding of the many traditions and customs involved in organizing South Asian weddings, including Tafer’s very own Villa del Palmar Cancun, which has been host to three Indian weddings so far this year.

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South Asian Wedding Certification
In a professional effort to ensure high standards and enhanced services for couples looking to Cancun as the setting for their Hindu, Sikh, Gujarati, Punjabi, Jain, Sindhi, Persian and Arabic weddings, the South Asian Wedding Institute has been running training course in this specialist field for wedding planners in Cancun. The US based international organization delivers a training program that is credited by the Cultural Center at the Indian Embassy, providing comprehensive South Asian wedding courses to professionals within the wedding industry. The most comprehensive courses are three days long and focus on the rituals, customs, ceremonies and intricacies of Indian, Persian and Arabian weddings as well as other related traditions. Villa del Palmar Cancun’s senior wedding planner, Karina Peña, received her South Asian certification this past July, 2015.

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