Love Tips in the Tropics

Love Tips in the Tropics

If you need some ideas to up your va va voom on your  next vacation, here are some LOVE tips and ideas to practice on your next trip to Mexico.

Ask a local. Wherever you may be romancing on Mexico’s coast or inland, if you have the last minute urge and didn’t plan any special detail. Ask a local. A local person will be able to fill you in on where to purchase a special gift or hire a service to surprise your loved one.

Swim in the rain! If you are travelling during rainy season when the weather gets very warm, surprise your loved one with an expected dance in the rain. Splashing in puddles is not just for kids. Try it and you might find this to be a new kind of foreplay.

Swim in the rain!

Look at Real Estate If you are on a romantic trip and want to do something that will bring you closer together, surprise him or her with a visit to see some real estate.  This is a great way to bond and see each other’s likes and dislikes as you visit spectacular properties.

Buy Art Looking at art and deciding what to purchase is romantic, particularly if you are decorating your first home together. You will find many markets and galleries in the top tourist destinations in Mexico as well as traditional artisans selling their art on the streets.

Buy Art

Music Don’t be shy and follow the sounds. As you stroll the streets of Mexico’s tropical beach destinations, follow your ears. If you hear a romantic trio, mariachi, jazz or children playing in a band, join in the fun. Sing and dance along and get closer!

Taste the flavors Not always is fine dining the way to a romantic evening. Surprise your loved one with plans to take a food tour or be adventurous and go on your own. The flavors of Mexico’s street food will open a forever bond over the salsas and service.  For desert hunt down deep fried churros, cotton candy or natural fruit popsicles and share with each other.
It’s all about romance in Mexico. With or without plans we can guarantee Mexico is one of the best places on earth to enjoy love.

Taste the flavors

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