Top Ten Romantic Things to Do in Mexico

Showing that special someone just how much you care is easier than ever when surrounded by the supernal beauty and rich culture of Mexico’s most popular vacation destinations. Make your romantic getaway an unforgettable one by indulging in these insanely romantic things to do in Mexico on vacation.

Top 10 Romantic Things to Do in Mexico:

1 – Make time for sunset and sunrise

Make it a point to watch the amazing sunrises and sunsets that grace the horizons of Mexico’s coastal cities. Snuggle up against your loved one on the balcony of your hotel suite or spend the moment beachside in amorous bliss. As the sun bids you farewell, you’ll feel a whole new appreciation for everything that love and life has to offer.

2 – Indulge in a relaxing spa treatment for two! 

Let the calming treatments of a couple’s massage turn your vacation into a sensual experience that will have you and your partner yearning to be close to one another.

3 – Take a bubble bath together. 

While this may sound like something you can do at home, few couples actually take the time to soak away the stresses of everyday life. Many luxury resorts offer spa-inspired bathrooms where you and your partner can canoodle in a seductive bubble bath for two. Sip some champagne and enjoy the romance that comes with such an intimate experience.


4 – Lounge in a beachside hammock made for two. 

Let the gentle ocean breeze caress your face as you lounge in the company of a loved one underneath a starlit or sunny sky.


5 – Order Room Service! 

With the specialized room service available at most resorts in Mexico, you’ll never have to leave the comfort of your hotel suite. Stay in for a romantic, catered meal or request a private chef for an in-suite culinary experience. The intimate setting and nostalgic feel of being in a space all your own will have you and your loved one wishing your never had to leave.

6 – Take a romantic stroll along the beach.

The sweeping vistas and supernal beauty of Mexico’s coastal towns can turn any ordinary walk into a romantic stroll for two. Take a moment to embrace the beauty that surrounds your every step as you walk hand in hand with the one you love.

7 – Enjoy a candlelit dinner for two 

Mexico is a country with an insatiable appetite for good food and romantic atmospheres.  Almost everywhere you turn, you’ll find a quaint restaurant with delicious food and a loving ambiance just waiting to embrace you.

8 – Book an adventure tour

Go on an adventurous excursion that will challenge your comfort zone and have you grasping hands in excitement. There are a slew of thrilling tours throughout all of Mexico that will have you both astonished at just how far your love can take you.

9 – Do Not Disturb! 

There is a reason that every hotel in every part of the world has this discreet sign available for use. Spending some much needed alone time is the key to any romantic rendezvous so use it as much as possible!

10 – Let the music take you away! 

All over Mexico you’ll find a swarm of talented musicians waiting to serenade you with their traditional songs of love and romance. Gaze into the eyes of your loved one while the music soothes your heart and warms your soul.

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