Time for Romance

Making Time for Romance on a Family Vacation

Let’s face it, making time for romance can be a difficult task when traveling with children, but the company of your beloved little ones shouldn’t mean that you can’t steal a moment or two to celebrate your undying love for one another. With these simple, yet well planned out methods, you and your spouse can get in a little romance this family vacation.

How to make time for romance on a family vacation

1. Babysitting Service
Utilize the resort’s babysitting service to sneak out for a romantic dinner, evening stroll along the beach, or even a night out on the town. You’ll have the comfort of knowing that your children are in your suite being taken care of by the resort’s professional staff, so you can focus on enjoying the company of the one you love.

2. One or Two Bedroom Suites
Book a one or two bedroom suite so that you can revel in the privacy of your own bedroom, without having to worry about what your children might see. Sneak in a shower for two, cuddle up for a midnight movie or do what romantic couples do… whatever your pleasure, you’ll be glad to have a wall between you and your kids.

Hire a Private Chef

3. Hire a Private Chef
Hire a personal chef to prepare a delicious meal in the privacy of your suite after the kids have gone to bed. It’s the perfect way to keep an eye on them while fitting in a romantic meal for two this vacation.

Kids Club

4. Kids Club
Use the Kid’s Club as an excuse to sneak away to a romantic spa treatment for two. Your kids will probably never even notice you left and you’ll feel more relaxed knowing that they are having an excellent time playing with other children their age.

5. Together but Separate
Find something you can do together, but separate. Pack two picnic baskets, one for the adults and one for the children. Sit close enough together that you can still keep an eye on them but far enough apart that you can snuggle, kiss and enjoy an adult conversation without grossing them out.

6. Champers and Strawberries
Celebrate your love with champagne and chocolate covered strawberries delivered by room service. Your children will likely be exhausted after long days of swimming and running around, so grabbing an hour of alone time after they’ve gone to bed won’t be that hard if you plan ahead.

7. Love Notes
Write a love note and leave it on the nightstand before your significant other wakes up. Even if he or she reads it alone, she’ll be shocked at the romantic gesture and reaffirmed by the love you share.

Romantic Stroll

8. Romantic Stroll
Take a romantic stroll down the beach or around the resort hand in hand. The kids can come too but they’ll likely run ahead, excited by the freedom and beauty of each new experience. Take the opportunity to whisper sweet nothings and let your spouse know just how much you care.

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