Erotic Reads That Put Fifty Shades of Grey  to Shame  

With the recent blockbuster release of Fifty Shades of Grey , the whole world seems to be questioning all the hype surrounding this best selling book. For those who read the three novel series, the movie version had more than a few shortcomings, but for others, something seems to be missing from the supposed ‘erotic’ film.  The lack of erotica, as we like to call it, has many people questioning whether the original trilogy, written by E.L. James, was really that good.

Although the answer to that question is still, and might always be, up for debate, one thing is for sure, the popularity of the Fifty Shades of Grey  series has sparked an insatiable appetite for more erotic novels. These three erotic reads will put Fifty Shades  to shame any day of the week.


Bared to You , Sylvia Day

Bared to You , and its sequel Reflected in You , shot Sylvia Day into the spotlight as her works rose to the top of New York Times’ Best Selling charts. Bared to You , the first novel in the four book series, takes you through the lives of two troubled souls who struggle to overcome the obstacles of a broken past. Eva and Gideon, both abuse survivors, fight to find true love from an unlikely source. Aside from a better plot line, Bared to You ’s sex scenes put those of Fifty Shades  to shame.  Day is clearly better, and more descriptive, at detailing the erotic escapades of her main characters and readers are eating it up.


House of Holes , Nicholson Baker

While the tenuous plot leaves much to be desired, Baker’s ability to paint a vivid and descriptive picture of deviant sexual encounters turns this novel into an erotic must-read. As the characters delve into a diverse fantasy world of sexual escapades, readers can’t help but get lost in long list of forbidden acts that keep readers interested from beginning to end.


The Sexual Life of Catherine M ., Catherine Millit

The best part of this erotic read is the fact that it’s based on the real life escapades of Catherine Millit, a woman who has sex stories worth telling. Unlike Fifty Shades , whose storyline is somewhat hard to believe, The Sexual Life of Catherine M.  provides a relatable account of a woman’s experiences as she explores her sexuality. From raunchy peep shows to ostentatious orgies, Millit’s takes us on a wild adventure that many only fantasize about.



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