Thinking of Flying First Class on Your Honeymoon

Thinking of Flying First Class on Your Honeymoon?

It is not hard to imagine why so many couples opt to fly first class on their honeymoon. In the past, those who were seated at the front of the plane were viewed as an elite group, a luxury status that set them apart from other passengers. With the added space and extra privacy, it was a clear option for honeymooners looking to revel in the bliss of their new marriage.

Nowadays however, First Class has become almost synonymous with Business Class, making it a less romantic newlywed thing to do. Here are four things you might want to consider before booking those expensive first-class seats.

Reasons you Might Want to Reconsider when thinking of flying first class on your honeymoon:

1. Consider Your Honeymoon Destination:
Are you flying domestically, to Mexico, the Caribbean or somewhere further? For most flights whose in-air times are less than 5 hours, the difference between first-class and economy-class is almost nonexistent. Aside from priority check-in, a bit (and we mean minimal) more leg room and possibly a free drink or two, there isn’t much distinction unless you’re in for an extremely long haul. Reconsider buying First Class flights, unless you are flying on one of the top ten luxury airlines, such as Singapore Air, Emirate Airways, or British Airways, whose first-class cabins look more like mini-apartments than airplane seating.

2. Consider the Airline
The airline company you choose to fly with can make a huge difference in whether the extra price tag is really worth it. For most travel within North America, airline companies don’t offer much in terms of first class accommodations. Delta, for example, gives guests the comfort of additional space, an upgrade in food and beverage quality, and free wifi service. Let’s be honest though, airplane food is airplane food, no matter how much of an upgrade you give it, and while wifi is great for business travel, it’s hardly romantic to spend your entire honeymoon flight checking Facebook and Twitter.

Consider the Airline

3. Consider the Price Tag
For international travel within North America, jumping from economy class to first class can cost anywhere from an extra $500 to $1500 dollars and for flights across seas, even more. In most cases, the extreme price jumps just aren’t worth it. Imagine all the things you could do with an extra $1500 dollars on your honeymoon. Spend the cash you saved flying in the economy cabin and use it to get luxurious couple’s massages various time throughout your vacation. Use it rent a private yacht to travel the open seas. Use it get an in-suite chef at your resort so you and your new spouse can revel in the privacy and romance of a truly intimate meal. There are a million options for newlyweds looking to make their honeymoon extra special that don’t include the keyboard clicking and snoring sounds of your in-flight neighbor.

Consider the Price Tag

4. Consider the Type of Plane
This may not seem like a big deal, but in the vast world of airplane travel the type of plane can make a huge difference when it comes to first-class service. Older airplanes most commonly don’t come equipped with the luxury amenities that newer planes have, especially in regards to technology. Likewise, a smaller jet isn’t likely to have the space required for some of the lavish first-class cabins that are popping up in larger aircrafts. For some travel you might even end up on a puddle jumper whose first class cabin offers single row seating, placing you more than an arm’s length away from your spouse, a less than the ideal way to begin your honeymoon.

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