What is a Twin Flame Relationship?

A twin flame relationship may seem like a strange concept since the most frequently discussed type of union involves soul mates (considered to be your perfect match).  Many people believe that finding their soul mate is the pinnacle of success when it comes to personal relationships, but your soul mate can come in many forms including a close friendship with someone of the same gender.  Likewise, a twin flame relationship can present itself in several different ways, but a twin flame is considered to be your perfect mirror instead.  These relationships are typically very passionate but can also be painfully difficult and rocky with on-again-off-again tendencies.  However, this type of connection is able to awaken your true self and teach you what you are really made of.

So, how do you know if you have found yourself in a twin flame relationship?  Here are some clues that will help make things clearer:

  • You feel certain that the relationship is meant to be but you just cannot seem to make it work – It is easy to confuse your intense love and passion for your twin flame with that of your future soulmate.  However, a twin flame enters your life to teach you things about yourself and prepare you for a relationship with your soul mate, not to make you feel settled.  There may be too many obstacles in your way to stay together.
  • You begin to think in new ways – Your twin flame is able to help you look at life from a whole new perspective, from core beliefs to religion.
  • You are frequently in and out of each other’s lives – The passionate connection you share with one another is so powerful that one of you may repeatedly leave the relationship due to fear or an inability to handle the closeness.  Yet you somehow continue to be drawn back together.
  • You immediately feel at ease together – You will feel an intense connection right away and may experience the sensation that you have known each other before, and your strong bond will continue to grow over time.
  • Although you are completely enamored, you cannot shake an underlying feeling of doubt – It is common to wonder whether what you share with your twin flame is real love, and to question what you are looking for in a relationship and life in general when you are with them.  
  • You are wildly different yet have many things in common – Your twin flame will seem like they are your perfect other half and have all of the qualities that help “complete” you.  For example, one partner may be more pragmatic while the other is more spiritual.  You will learn and grow from each other.
  • Emotions will likely run high when you are together – You may often feel like you are on an emotional roller coaster with your twin flame, leading to a tumultuous relationship.  It may seem like you just have to suffer through the pain for love, but in reality, they are there to help you recognize the things that need to be healed within yourself.  True love does not cause anguish and pain the way a twin flame relationship can.  

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