The Most Romantic Mexican Mountain Retreat

Set amongst one of the most idyllic lakeside settings in Mexico, Sierra Lago Resort & Spa provides an amazing getaway for couples looking for romance.  There are several excellent ways for couples to enjoy the incredible atmosphere that makes the resort a sought-after destination for lovebirds.  The picturesque lake is surrounded by sweeping mountain views, creating a perfect backdrop for treasured romantic memories.  Take a look at some of the best ways for couples to spend time together at the most romantic mountain retreat in Mexico:

Carriage Ride


Make your reservation to see the lakeside grounds with your beloved on a charming horse-drawn carriage ride.  Prepare to sweep your partner off of his or her feet with this irresistible activity that travels to the chapel while passing several sculptures and the Margaritas Games Room on the way.  You will be hard-pressed to find a more romantic activity at Sierra Lago than this one!

Horseback Riding


If you and your sweetie have a love for all things equestrian, Sierra Lago will delight you with its horseback riding activities, from taking a leisurely ride around the lake to exploring the nearby wooded areas with a guide.  Even if you do not have any riding experience, the well-groomed resident horses are so friendly and charming, you may want to get in the saddle for the very first time.  We promise, you won’t be disappointed if you do!

‘Make a Wish’ Night with Cantoya Balloons


Bond with your partner over this captivating ritual which takes your personal dreams to new heights!  Sierra Lago is located more than 2,000 feet above sea level, giving your wishes a head start at reaching the cosmos as you release them with paper balloons that rise dreamily into the air and continue towards the heavens.  The mirror-like reflection of the balloons on the surface of the lake is a truly amazing sight to behold, and is sure to draw the two of you closer together.  

Night of Sparkling Wine and Campfire

Night of Sparkling Wine and Campfire

This open air gathering, which takes place around a campfire and features a wide selection of cold cuts and cheeses that are paired with sparkling wine, is a lovely way to connect with one another as well as fellow guests.  Bundle up in something warm and enjoy the crisp evening mountain air together at Sierra Lago. 

Night with the Cosmos

Night with the Cosmos

Thanks to its remote mountain setting far away from urban sprawl and city lights, Sierra Lago gets amazingly dark once the sun goes down, with the moon and stars brightly illuminating the night sky.  Cozy up to your sweetie as you both enjoy a chance to get an even closer look at the constellations, planets and the moon with the help of a telescope.  Guided by our expert, you will learn more about the evening’s visible planets and constellations.  

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