Who Will Marry You?

Who Will Marry You?

If you are already planning a totally customized wedding, why not make the ceremony as personal as the rest of your special day by having a close friend or family member officiate your marriage?  Imagine the smiles, laughter and perhaps even a few tears of joy that someone close to you can bring to your wedding ceremony as they join you at the altar to solemnize your marriage.  

Who will marry you?

Who will marry you?

Fortunately, just about anyone can perform a marriage ceremony in the United States and Canada as long as you trust them to handle the responsibilities involved with the task.  Most of the time, you will be able to appoint an individual to the job after he or she has been legally ordained to do so. Depending on if you have any religious affiliations, as well as where you plan on getting married, the person you wish to have perform your wedding ceremony will need to fulfill certain requirements.  

Becoming ordained can be as easy as filling out an online form directly with a ministry that ordains anyone who wishes to solemnize wedding ceremonies.  Although some organizations only require contact information to be submitted for their database, many also require a fee, a statement of religious faith or an application that must be completed and approved.  You should know that some states have additional requirements such as extra paperwork or a letter regarding the officiant which states that he or she is in good standing within his or her ministry.  With that said, you should thoroughly research which requirements need to be met in the area that your wedding will take place.  Several states offer a one-time license available to residents who wish to perform just one marriage.  

Who can marry you in Mexico?

If you are having a destination wedding in an exotic location such as Mexico, it may not be legally binding if your chosen officiant performs your wedding ceremony.  However, you can certainly have a legal marriage done beforehand and then your friend or family member can perform the symbolic wedding for you in your destination of choice. Mexico has pretty strict laws about who can perform the legally binding part of your marriage, but just about anyone can perform a symbolic ritual.

Make your important day even more unique when you ask a special friend or family member to perform your wedding ceremony!

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