Even though the notion of having a soulmate may seem like something that was dreamed up by Hollywood, most of us have probably encountered at least one couple in our lives who really are just so perfect for each other.  A soulmate will make you feel truly fulfilled, supported and understood, rather than feeling like there is something missing.  This may seem a bit discouraging if you have been searching for someone who makes you feel like you have won the relationship jackpot but you keep coming up empty-handed, but don’t lose hope!  Many of us partner up and settle too quickly with people who don’t make us feel complete, simply because we are biologically hardwired to fall in love, not to mention being alone can feel scary.  Whether you are married, in a relationship or just exploring different options through dating, there are some signs can that indicate that you have come across your soul mate.  Take a look at the signs below:

  • You are on the same wavelength – If you are so inseparable that you finish each other’s sentences, there is a good chance you have found your soulmate.  Sure, you may have had the same experience with close friends, but with a romantic partner it is pretty rare and special.  

You accept each other’s flaws

  • You accept each other’s flaws – Even a relationship with your soulmate will have its share of ups and down, but that doesn’t mean you are going to split up over the little things.  We all have imperfections, yet soulmates have a tendency to be able to embrace the other person for who they really are, flaws and all.  
  • You have each other’s backs – When you feel like you can accomplish anything as long as you two are together, thanks in part to your partner’s undying love and support, you may very well be soulmates.  
  • You feel safe and secure with them – Your partner should make you feel protected and secure, no matter what gender they happen to be.  Having a soulmate will make you feel as though your well being is always put first by your partner.  
  • You cannot picture your life without them – When you have found your soulmate, the thought of living your life without them in it is unimaginable.  Even in bad times, quitting the relationship is just not an option.  You are both committed and willing to do whatever it takes to stay together.  

You lock eyes on the regular

  • You lock eyes on the regular – When you are truly connected with someone, you will look into each other’s eyes more often, which can be an indication that you are soulmates.  Looking each other in the eye when talking shows that you are very comfortable with one another and feel an extraordinary amount of trust.  

Finding your soulmate is a strange and wonderful thing, so best of luck in your search for this amazing type of love!

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