What honeymoon destination suits your personality type?

Want to know which honeymoon destination matches your personality type? Answer these questions, choosing the first answer your think of, trying not to double think and doubt yourself.


Get your future spouse to take the quiz too and see if you come up with the same honeymoon destination.


  1. Choose a color that most appeals to you.


  1. How do you prefer to dress?


  1. Sneakers and casual wear
  2. Barefoot, with loose clothing
  3. Scarves, sweaters and boots
  4. I wear whatever’s appropriate for the weather
  5. I like to dress up and be elegant.



  1. Which of these images makes your feel romantic.


4.    Which of these phrases do you most identify with:


      1. “I love the beach but get bored sitting in the sun.”
      2. “I love the heat and sunshine and could sit for hours on a beach.”
      3. “I love being in the fresh air and surrounded by nature.”
      4. “I love the snow and and prefer to be cold than too hot.”
      5. “I love art, culture and people watching.



      1. Which of these most appeals.




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      1. Beach Adventure
      2. Laid back Caribbean honeymoon
      3. Cosy mountain retreat
      4. Snow Adventure
      5. Romantic city break



      1. A) Beach Adventure

Your personality is best suited to enjoy a sunny beach vacation in a destination where you can also do lots of cool activities like diving, horseback riding, zip lines, ATV tours, sky-diving and other adrenaline pumping activities. You are the kind of person who loves to relax on the move while on vacation and can only spend a couple of days lounging by the pool before you want to be out and about exploring new experiences.


      1. B) Laid back Caribbean honeymoon

Your personality type is perfectly suited to the laid back, relaxation of the Caribbean, Indian ocean or South Pacific. Your ideal honeymoon would be about just the two of you, in a total romantic bubble on the beach in a resort or boutique hotel where the service is impeccable, allowing you to simply be in love. You like the heat and love to jump in and out of the pool or a calm warm sea in the arms of your new spouse.


      1. C) Cosy mountain retreat

Your personality type suggests that a cosy honeymoon in the mountains, tucked away in a cabin with your new spouse would be the most idyllic honeymoon choice for you. You like quality and great service but also enjoy the outdoors, being able to take walks and hikes in stunning natural surroundings. Nature and cooler weather are more preferable to hot sticky beach vacations.


      1. D) Snowy Adrenaline Honeymoon

You are much happier being out on the slopes with your loved one and enjoying an adventure in the snow. You love nature, but most of all you love adrenaline throbbing through your veins and the fresh cool air on your face. A snowy honeymoon will also appeal to your romantic side as you snuggle up in front of a log fire and keep each other warm in the cold weather.


      1. E) Romantic city break

Your personality type seeks inspiration in the cultured arts and likes to be surrounded by people and cool activities like theatre and art galleries as well as historical and architectural wonders. Walking around the most romantic cities in the world would be a honeymoon made in heaven where you and your new spouse can become inspired by the marvels of the manmade world. You like to wear your best clothes, getting dressed up for a chic night out or a show at the opera.

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