Babymoons – The Latest Boom

Babymoons - The Latest Boom

Babymoons are becoming more popular than ever; and why not? It might be the last time that most couples will have to travel in style without having to think about sippy cups, diapers and sleep deprivation until the kids are safely in college. It is also a great chance to ease the stresses of pregnancy and reinforce your bond with your partner before your baby arrives to rock your world.

When’s the Best time for a Babymoon?

Before week 36 is probably the best time for a Babymoon as any later and you are more likely to suffer from fatigue. For foreign travel involving flights, the ideal time according to medical advice is during the second trimester between week 14 and 28, although most airlines generally allow you to fly up to 32-36 weeks. In any case, it is advisable to visit your doctor before planning any long-haul flights just to check, confirming with the airline the time limit for pregnant women traveling. If you are taking an international flight, it is also worth getting a letter from your doctor confirming that it is safe for you to fly, just to avoid any problems with the airlines.

The Best Babymoon Destinations

The type of destination that is most suitable for you and your partner will firstly depend on your travel preferences in general. Do you like luxury beach vacations, or quiet mountain retreats? Caribbean versus city breaks? However you like to vacation, what you will need to factor in is plenty of time for relaxing and sharing time together. Babymoons are not the ideal time for an adventure vacation where you partner spends his time diving and rock climbing while you are left by the pool with a book (unless that is just what you need, of course)!

If you are planning a sunny foreign vacation, the best destinations will be those with a direct or short flight, like Mexico if you are traveling from the USA and Canada, or a European vacation if you are located in the UK. An all inclusive package might also be the perfect option as you are less likely to have the energy to go out for dinner every night or cook your own meals.

Babymoon Photoshoot

A Babymooon is a great opportunity for you to get some amazing photographs of your bump. Whether you take your own photos or hire a professional photographer at the destination, you are sure to find some stunning backdrops for your pregnancy photos. Plus you will have a tan and look super relaxed and happy.

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