Wedding Favors

Wedding favors often get overlooked at weddings in an effort to save money. Indeed, creative wedding favors can work out to be an expensive gift for your guests if you are not careful, especially when many people don’t know what to do with them afterwards. However, before you opt to disregard wedding favors all together, there are many inventive ways to keep the costs down.

Combine Wedding Favors with Place Cards

You can often kill two birds with one stone by sealing a wedding favor gift bag with a name sticker so that your gift to guests doubles to indicate the table settings. What you put in the bag is your choice and can be as inexpensive as sweets, chocolates, a soap or even a different joke for each guest.

A Little Help From Your Friends

Making your own wedding favors is probably the cheapest and most thoughtful solution. Why not engage the help of your bridesmaids (or groomsmen) to help you prepare personalized favors. That way you can make them exactly as your want them. With a little imagination, you can produce some wonderful details for your wedding.

Look for Sale Items

A great tip if you are going to prepare your own favors is to hit the sales after Christmas and Easter for special sale times like chocolates, gourmet cookies, soaps etc that you can re-wrap and vamp up as wedding favors. Some ribbon and cellophane should do the job to turn Belgium chocolates into a cute inexpensive wedding favor and place card.


At weddings, presentation is everything, and, to be honest, for many Brides (and guests) the presentation of your wedding favor is often more important than the content. You can make a simple gift all the more appealing by placing it in a fancy box, or by thinking creatively about how to present your wedding favor. For example, using paper bags like those used in sweet shops, tied with a ribbon or sealed with an appropriate sticker could add a special touch to a simple wedding favor.


Think Outside the Box

And finally, if your budget does not stretch to fancy favors, think outside the box for some more inventive ideas such as compiling a CD with your favorite songs with an explanation of what each song means for you as a couple. Provide a recipe in a box – the recipe could be one of the dishes on the menu or even what you ate on your first date. Another idea is to donate the money you would spend on favors to charity and print off something about the charity for guests.

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