Waking Up on the Romantic Side of the Bed

Waking Up on the Romantic Side of the Bed

Unless you’re a morning person, waking up can be the last thing you want to do. In a world where the average person doesn’t get enough sleep, those extra few hours, or even minutes, can make a huge difference to the rest of your day. Why not help your lover start the day off right, by waking them up in a sweet, romantic way?

These following gentle gestures can ensure that special person in your life wakes up on the romantic side of the bed instead of the wrong side. Who knew there was an art to waking up!

1. Cuddle Up – One of the best ways to fall asleep is wrapped in the arms of a loved one, so then why shouldn’t it be the same for waking up? Get a little bit closer, snuggle just a little longer and let your partner wake to the sensation that there is no place you would rather be. Be careful not to stay there too long, or the both of you could easily fall back to sleep.

2. Put Some Music On – Play a soft tune in the background so that when your lover awakes, your song will be the first thing he or she hears. The romantic memories related with the song will let her know just how much you care and will make her day all that much sweeter.

3. Sunrise Greetings – Gently wake your lover up early so that the two of you can watch the sunrise together before heading off to work. The magic of the moment will put a relaxing twist on what might have been an otherwise stressful day.

4. A Romantic Text – If you have to leave before your lover awakes, place a single flower on the pillow with their cell phone next to it. Then after you leave, send a sweet message that will have them wishing you were still right there.

5. Those Three Little Words – There is no better way to wake up then by hearing those three little words. Snuggle up, give him or her a big hug and whisper “I Love You” into her ear. The intimate moment will make his or her day, for sure.

6. A Bite to Eat Means Energy for the Day – Make your lover a delicious breakfast in bed. The duo of aromas coming from the kitchen and succulent flavors of his or her favorite breakfast will set the pace for productive day.

7. A Gift – Whether it’s a little something you know your lover has always wanted or a symbolic gesture, receiving a gift is an excellent way to wake up. Your partner will be so surprised by the grand gesture that they may just spend the whole day thinking of ways to repay you.

8. The Smell of Morning – Light some incense, turn on the essential oil diffuser, or simply light a candle. Choose an energizing aroma, such as peppermint, cinnamon or rosemary and help your lover shake the morning fatigue.

Waking up has just got a whole lot more romantic! If finding a partner with whom to practices these tips is your next next challenge, see our post Meeting the Man or Woman of your Dreams.

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