The Perfect Dress for a Beach Wedding

The Perfect Dress for a Beach Wedding

Picking a wedding dress can be one of the most enjoyable parts about planning a wedding. It can also be one of the most stressful as you try to find your dream dress in the style that you want and in budget. When opting for a beach wedding, there are certain things you need to think about when finding your perfect wedding dress. Your wedding dress for a beach wedding in Mexico, for example, may not be the same as one you would pick if you were getting married indoors or in a large church.

But before you start stressing even more about your beach wedding, below are some ideas to guide you when selecting the perfect dress for your big day.

Think Outside of the Box
Just because you are getting married on a beach does not mean you need to restrict yourself on style. A beach wedding doesn’t mean you are limited to the “floaty” section of wedding dresses in the store. You can still choose a sexy tight fitted gown or a mermaid tail or lace. The only thing to bear in mind is that you need to be able to walk on the sand easily. This means you can still have the traditional style but perhaps with a shorter train. A long train can become heavy in the sand and pull you back as you walk, it will also become dirty as the ceremony proceeds, which is not what you want your guests to be looking at as you say “I do.”

Float out to Sea
Floaty, flimsy dresses are the more traditional optional you think of when you imagine a beach wedding. This is most probably due to the idea most of us have of the beach being a more relaxed venue than a church or registry office. A layered or whimsical dress can also be more romantic and reflect the movement of the ocean waves that will become the backdrop to the ceremony. If the beach is in a warm climate, like Mexico, you may also think about getting too hot in your dress and sweating all over your new hubby on your first dance. Long sleeves should be avoided.

Float out to Sea

Short and Flirty
Younger brides (or older brides with great legs!) may wish to opt for a short and flirty number. These types of wedding dresses are perfect when dealing with the heat as your destination may be extremely hot. You want to feel comfortable in your dress and free from restriction when on the sand. A shorter dress works for these reasons and can be a fun unique twist on the traditional wedding dress.

Veil or Not to Veil?
When picking a veil you may wish to avoid it completely, especially if you are getting married in the Caribbean where the wind may just carry it off before you have chance to get down the aisle. If you are dead set on having a veil, a good compromise would be to sport a shorter veil or one that just covers the face. A long veil could become heavy and make it hard for the bride to walk. The closer your are to the ocean the more likely you are to experience a breeze; while this is lovely for your guests, it could make wearing a veil difficult and restrict your vision. A romantic alternative could be for you to wear a flower garland in your hair or a simple head piece.

Veil or Not to Veil

Barefoot or Slippers
The last tip to remember is the right footwear. Heels are very difficult to wear when walking in the sand. Unless you are having a wooden boardwalk erected, it is better to go for an open-toed sandal or pretty flats. Remember to choose something that will not gather sand when your are walking. You can always sport your favorite heels on the dance floor later.

Whichever style of wedding dress you choose for your beach wedding, it has to be right for you. A beach wedding does not mean you have to limit your choice of dress; be yourself and your wedding day will follow your style.

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