Romantic Beaches in Puerto Vallarta

The expanses of soft sandy beaches that stretch from one end of Banderas Bay to the other is part of what makes Puerto Vallarta and the surrounding region so magical.  The vast array of stunning seaside escapes makes both living and vacationing in the area a marvelous affair.  

While each of the beaches in Puerto Vallarta is unique in its own little way, there is one thing they all share in common; the ability to turn any moment into a romantic endeavor.  Whether walking hand in hand as you gaze off into the sunset, professing your love by writing it in the sand or enjoying a seaside picnic with a loved one, there is nothing more romantic than spending a day or even just a few hours at the beach.

Take a look at the following recommendations for romantic beaches in Puerto Vallarta. The natural beauty and magical feel of these beaches in Puerto Vallarta make them perfect for lovers looking to embrace one another and the romance that abounds.

Conchas Chinas

This seaside gem is among the most romantic beaches in Puerto Vallarta.  Visitors are often awestruck by the aquamarine waters that gently lap upon the shores of this golden sand beach.  The encircling rock formations not only create a beautiful sight for those passing by, but they also add to the romanticism of Playa Conchas Chinas as they form natural pools along the water’s edge.  Let the cool ocean breeze kiss your skin as you and your lover sit in the sand and watch the gentle waves crash over your feet.  

Garza Blanca Beach

This is by far one of the most stunning romantic beaches in Puerto Vallarta.  As one of the only white sand beaches in the region, its beauty is rarely matched.  Its position on the southern end of town gives visitors the best of both worlds as it shows off the beauty of the surrounding emerald green mountains and provides visitors with some of the clearest waters in the Bay.  Adding to the natural beauty is the serene view of Los Arcos in the not too far distance and the beach’s exclusivity, both of which magnify the romantic vibes. The only downside for tourists who are not staying at Garza Blanca Preserve is that the beach is not open to the public.



Whisking a lover away to the quaint beach of Yelapa is one of the most romantic things couples can do when staying in Puerto Vallarta.  The trip, seemingly back in time, will ignite the passion between you and your lover as you hold each other’s hand on the panga ride over, sip homemade Raicilla on the beach and ogle over the stunning landscapes that surround.  The beach at Yelapa is just a tiny portion of the many things couples can enjoy when visiting the small rustic town, but it’s definitely high on the list of romantic things to do.  

Los Muertos

While not typically thought of as a romantic place to spend your time, the bustling beach does have all the elements one needs for an extremely romantic date.  Here on the iconic Los Muertos Beach, on the southern side of downtown, visitors can find a variety of beachfront restaurants that serve up a delicious meal and a sensational opportunity to embrace the night.  Dig your feet in the sand, order a bottle of wine and let the singsong of the passing mariachi bands serenade you over and over again.  If you’re feeling extra romantic, head to the bridge near the Rio Cuale and write a romantic message in the sand for everyone to see.  Don’t forget to take a picture of your artwork so that your lover can remember the romantic gesture for years to come.

Lover’s Beach


If you are looking for a magical place then look no further than Lover’s Beach, which lies in the middle of one of the Las Marietas Islands.  This hidden beach, one of the most romantic beaches in the area, is accessible only by swimming through the arch at its entrance, and is a great place to embrace one another.  When visiting this gorgeous beach, the pristine beauty and once-in-a-lifetime experience will allow you and your lover to create sublime memories that will last a lifetime.  

Add your recommendations for the best romantic beaches in Puerto Vallarta in the comments box.

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