Styles for Grooms

When it comes to wedding style, brides have typically received the lion’s share of praise and adoration (while enjoying a dazzling variety of dresses from which to choose).  Grooms, on the other hand, have quietly worn their dressy yet understated attire without receiving much attention.  Thankfully for today’s style-conscious grooms, there are now plentiful fashion options for their wedding day that will help them stand out too, with clothing and accessories that reflect their personal style.  

A groom’s wedding look

A great place to start when choosing a groom’s wedding look is a suit or tuxedo (depending on how formal the wedding will be) and then adding touches to make his own unique style shine through.  Accessories with a playful twist including cummberbunds, ties, cufflinks, tie cilps and shoes provide the perfect opportunity for grooms to inject a little more pizzazz into their look.  Take a look at these noteworthy style ideas for grooms:

Casual Wedding Style


Outdoor wedding venues such as a garden or beach lend the event a slightly relaxed, casual vibe.  Going with a suit made from a breathable fabric like a cotton blend or tropical wool in a light color will help the groom stay comfortable and cool.  Linen is lightweight and casual, but grooms must be warned that it wrinkles very easily.  To keep the style on the casual side, find a tie in a knit rather than dressy silk.  Stick to a monochromatic color scheme for casual elegance; a contrasting tie, on the other hand, will give his style a playful air.  Footwear should feel as easygoing as the rest of his look, and options such as leather sandals, boat shoes or oxfords worn without socks will achieve just that.  

Semi-Formal Wedding Style


Grooms getting married in a semi-formal environment cannot go wrong with a dashing, slim-fitted suit in a dark neutral like charcoal gray, navy or black.  It is well worth the investment since he can use it for years to come, as an ensemble or separates, everywhere from dressier events to work meetings.  A trip to the tailor is essential to achieving an impeccable fit and will ensure an elegant look.  A colorful tie and coordinating pocket square will help customize his style, while fun cufflinks and a sporty watch with a leather strap further elevate the look.  Search for unfussy footwear with a slightly tapered shape at the toes that will go well beyond the wedding; with regular resoling and proper care, they could last for years to come.  

Formal Wedding Style


A formal wedding calls for a classic vibe, and a tuxedo is the perfect choice for a dapper look.  New takes on the standard tuxedo, from tails to different lapels, can breathe new life into the style, while colorful options like midnight-blue are having a moment, too.  Other items that can add some extra personality to a groom’s wedding style include a cummerband or bow tie in a fun pattern or color that complements the theme of the wedding.  Cufflinks are a must for a formal groom’s look, but they don’t have to be boring; go for unique shapes that add a bit of flair or represent a hobby.  Shoes are another important element to the overall look of a groom, and sophisticated styles like smoking slippers or patent leather lace-ups will give his ensemble extra polish.  

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