Romantic Marriage Proposals in Mexico

For most of us, the very thought of being proposed to on vacation in Mexico is romantic enough in itself, but wait till you see these super romantic proposals in Mexico that will make you go, “agghhh!.”

Underwater Proposal

A couple in Cancun announced their engagement after an underwater proposal that took place on the bottom of the Caribbean sea while diving off the coast of Isla Mujeres. Not sure just how he managed to say those special words: “Will you marry me?” with his air regulator in his mouth; he must have been great at sign language!

Ring in a Oyster Shell

Continuing on a theme of watery proposals, one young Mexican in Cabo San Lucas proposed to his high school sweetheart after pretending to be diving for oysters on a yacht trip. Offering his girlfriend the prized oyster shell, she opened it to find a diamond engagement ring inside. Maybe he will give her pearl earrings for their anniversary.

Caricature Proposal

Puerto Vallarta’s Malecon is full of artists and caricaturists, which gave a Canadian visitor the idea to ask his girlfriend to marry him by getting an artist to draw a picture of the two of them with the word bubble saying: “Will you be my wife?”

Treasure Hunt

A rather complex proposal, but romantic nevertheless, one man staying at Sierra Lago lakeside resort in Mexico’s western highlands created an intricate treasure hunt for his girlfriend. He led her on a hunt around the lake, leading her to the ring at the resort’s outdoor chapel.

Swimming with Dolphins Proposal in Mexico

Many of Mexico’s coastal destinations have human dolphin sanctuaries where you can swim with dolphins. It was one man’s idea to get a dolphin to deliver his girlfriend the engagement ring.

High Mile Proposals

On a New York flight to Mexico, the captain announced over the loud speaker that there was a special message for one of the passengers, at which point, a young man took the tannoy to ask his sweetheart to marry him at 35,000 feet.

Sandcastles in the Air

At Garza Blanca Preserve in Puerto Vallarta, one guest built a sandcastle on the beach, placing the ring on top. When the sandcastle was finished, he asked his partner to come and see what he had built for her.

Roses, Candles and Champagne

A popular request in many Mexico hotels, yet no less romantic, hotels can arrange a romantic turndown service for you with roses, candles, strawberries and champagne all set up in your suite.

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