Aphrodisiac Fruits that Put You in the Mood

We have all heard about the stimulating effects of aphrodisiacs such as oysters and chocolate, but research suggests that a variety of fruits are just as effective at getting your motor going. From suggestively shaped bananas to juicy watermelon, there’s a wide array of flirtatious fruits that will boost your desires and have you performing like never before.
Afrodisiac Fruits




A bet you didn’t realize that watermelon was an aphrodisiac fruit! A few slices of juicy watermelon will have you aroused in no time! The high levels of phytonutrient citrulline contained in this aphrodisiac fruit cause the nitric oxide in your body to elevate allowing blood vessels to relax and circulation to improve. The viagra-like effect may have you and your loved one eating watermelon more often.


It could be the smooth creamy texture or the sensual shape that has this fruit ranking among the top aphrodisiac fruits, but researchers suggest that it has more to do with its high concentration of Vitamin E. The elevated levels of the vitamin help couples keep the spark alive far longer than just a few hours due to the fact that they keep the body youthful and energized.




Do visions of Julia Roberts seductively devouring chocolate covered strawberries in Pretty Women come to mind? Aside from its lovely color and heart-shaped figure, this romance inducing fruit has a powerful punch packed full of Vitamin C. The ancient Romans believed that it caused an increase in sexual appetite, but we now know that strawberries get the blood flowing to all the ‘important’ areas of the body.


There is more to this fleshy fruit than its erotic appearance and conspicuous seed filled center. The fig, most commonly known for its role in the stories of Adam and Eve, is full of potassium and antioxidants, two elements that are essential to the lovemaking process.



Much like some of the other aphrodisiac fruits on the list, pomegranates are rich in antioxidants which support a healthy flow of blood to well… you know!



This phallic shaped super fruit is the ultimate of aphrodisiacs. In addition to its suggestive form, bananas are rich in bromelain, potassium and vitamin B. The latter aid in boosting levels of energy, helping in an assortment of physical activities, but it’s the bromelain that really makes the difference. The testosterone producing enzyme is the key to a healthy male libido.


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