Luxury House Rentals for Honeymooners

Time and time again you’ve heard future brides and grooms talk about their desire to head out on a honeymoon that is unique, special and unlike any vacation they’ve ever embarked upon before.  The impulse to find a honeymoon destination that provides exclusivity while still catering to their every want and need is so tempting that couples have begun branching out from the typical all-inclusive vacations that many resort destinations have become known for.   

Now, with the availability of luxury house rentals in popular Mexican destinations, such as Cancun, Riviera Maya, Sian Ka’an Biosphere, Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas, newlyweds can vacation in style and achieve the privacy, romance and beauty of a proper honeymoon.

4 Reasons to Rent a Luxury House for Your Honeymoon

Sian Ka’an Village


Renting a luxurious house in a dream destination isn’t something everyone can do.  Not only are houses such as these few in number, but they are also limited in availability.  The exclusivity of luxury house rentals makes them a great option for newlyweds seeking a unique honeymoon vacation in a place where only a select few have had the honor.



While enormous resort properties offer a slew of amenities and easy access to restaurants, they often lack the privacy that most couples desire when heading out on a romantic honeymoon.  However, the opposite is true of luxury house rentals, whose properties usually offer the utmost in privacy for doing all the little things honeymooners like to do.  Whether it’s lounging by the pool, canoodling in a hammock or enjoying a romantic dinner under the starlit sky, couples can revel in knowing they’ll have the place all to themselves.

Sian Ka'an Village
Sian Ka’an Village


It should come as no surprise that luxury house rentals offer the very best in world-class service, heavenly destinations and copious amenities that make escaping for the first time as a married couple a grand affair.  These homes are known to offer world-class accommodations that epitomize luxurious living.  From insatiable comfort to top-of-the-line appliances, staying in a luxury house rental is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

sian kaan village 0001
Sian Ka’an Biosphere


Luxury house rentals are typically situated in the most divine settings amongst the very best that Mother Nature has to offer.  Whether backing up to the natural beauty of emerald green mountains or cozied up to the most gorgeous beaches in the world, the awe-inspiring location of these houses is something you won’t find at traditional resorts.

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