August is Romance Awareness Month

August is Romance Awareness Month

August is officially Romance Awareness Month, which means you still have time to come up with some great ways to incorporate a little more romance into your everyday life!  Not everyone is naturally inclined to be super romantic, and many of us struggle with the concept or feel like there is just too much pressure behind the whole idea.  

Some people’s partner may have unrealistic expectations of what it means to be romantic, setting both of them up for disappointment.  And while fancy meals out, bottles of champagne, bouquets of flowers and chocolate are all classic ways to turn up the romance on special occasions, it is the simple things you do every single day within your relationship that really make an impact and help you continue to appreciate each other.  

The following ideas are easy ways to keep the romance alive no matter how long you have been together

The following ideas are easy ways to keep the romance alive no matter how long you have been together:

  • Cultivate common interests – When you have some shared hobbies, whether rock climbing, brewing your own beer or watching old movie marathons, enjoying something fun together will help remind you both why you fell for each other in the first place.  
  • Check in every day – No matter how busy your day gets, take the time to let your partner know you that he or she is on your mind, even if it is just a quick text message.  
  • Focus on the good, not the bad – All relationships have their issues, and it is normal to get irritated by things that your partner does.  However, being able to look at the bigger picture and appreciate the good things they do and get over the bad quickly will help you reach a more solid relationship.  
  • Hold hands – Sure, you may have done this with your very first love when you were just a teen, but the simple gesture of holding hands shows your sweetie the love is still there.  
  • Say “I love you” every single day – It might seem to get old or unnecessary after a while, especially after years together, but saying these three simple words really does help strengthen your bond.
  • Head to bed at the same time – Rather than staying up late to squeeze in some work emails or catch up on another episode of your favorite show, go to bed at the same time as your partner.  While it may not seem like a big deal, this simple ritual can really bring you closer.  
  • Say Goodnight – Whether you are tucking into bed together or you are hundreds of miles apart while one of you is traveling, saying goodnight to one another every single night reinforces your bond.  Even if you have had an argument and haven’t cooled off, saying goodnight shows you care.

As you can see, these techniques are simple and cost nothing, yet can make a huge difference in how happy you feel in your relationship, so try them out today!

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