cancun weather for weddings

Cancun Weather For Weddings

A destination wedding can be one of the best moments of your life; less stress, smaller guest list and less travelling on the day. Plus your honeymoon is essentially built in! It’s key, however, that you have the right weather for your wedding. This is why the Mexican Caribbean is one of the best places to go for your destination wedding; the climate is reliable, temperate and the natural beauty is second to none.

Sunshine and Hours of Daylight

Sunshine and Hours of Daylight

As a wedding destination, especially for beach weddings, you could do little better than Cancun as it enjoys, on average, 250 days of clear skies and sunshine per year. The long days, too, (between 10 and 13 hours long) mean that you don’t have to worry about conducting your reception in the dark if you wish to stay outdoors. In fact, unless you’re really unlucky during hurricane season you’re pretty much guaranteed great weather no matter when you book your venue. You can always arrange a gazebo, however, if you want to be on the safe side (if nothing else it’ll give you a bit of shade from the sun).



Advise your wedding guests to bring light, airy clothing that breathes and plenty of sun-cream as Cancun boasts warm temperatures throughout the year, even during in the depths of winter. You can reasonably expect anything from 66ºF (19ºC) to 91ºF (33ºC) with average highs of around 90ºF (32ºC) and lows of 75ºF (24ºC) during the summer time. In winter, you’ll benefit from very pleasant temperatures of around 81ºF (27ºC), the average low at night being 66ºF (19ºC). Furthermore the water maintains a balmy temperature at around 80ºF (26ºC) to 83ºF (28ºC), which means that swimming is delightful, even in winter.


Cancun has no set rainy season to avoid, and generally there are less than 60 days of rain per year so you don’t really need to worry about being washed out at your own wedding, although unannounced flash showers are common. There is a light chance, of course, but a little rain often clears out the atmosphere making the rest of the day more pleasant, and generally come in the early morning, anyway. Unless there’s a hurricane in the area, in short, Mexico, and in particular Cancun is perfect wedding destination.


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