Are You Too Old to Get Married?

To answer the question in a nutshell…..NO, never!

Love can happen at any age and time in your life.  It sweeps you away when you least expect it.  If you are over forty (or fifty, sixty or seventy…) and single, don’t lose hope.

Here are a few tips how to lure in a new relationship that can lead to love and marriage.

Internet romance  

You might groan at the thought of uploading a profile and personal description, but internet romance is one of the most successful modern ways to meet a mate.   If you don’t like writing about yourself, have your bff do it for you. Put a realistic photo of yourself without any photoshopping. Stay “real” and you will meet a “real” person that could just be that perfect match.


Friends lead to friends and Facebook is a great way to find old flames. I suggest if you are a pet owner looking for love, keep your photos diverse and not only those pictures of you and your animals over and over again in selfie mode.

Stay cool

The older we get, the more set in our ways we become making it very difficult to find a couple who will put up with bedtimes, ocd, and Netflix binging.  When meeting someone new, don’t talk about yourself too much. Ask questions, and find out what habits your potential significant other has before you show him yours. Remember, you are the boss, just don’t let anyone else know this.  


At every opportunity and invitation say yes to travel. This can open your eyes to new cultures and persons and at least give you something to talk about at your next speed dating event.

Hang in there. Love is just around the corner for everyone. We just have to put our self out in the universe and let destiny do its thing.

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