5 Reasons to Make Cancun your Honeymoon Destination

One of the most important decisions you make while planning your wedding is what to do after the celebration and ceremony are done. Fortunately, unlike planning the tedious details of chair styles and party favors, planning your honeymoon can be much easier and way more fun. With scintillating destinations like Cancun and the Riviera Maya, it’s easy to get excited about taking a honeymoon.

Here are five reasons to make Cancun your honeymoon destination. Enjoy your wedding day, because your honeymoon is about to become epic!

1. Stunning Beaches

It’s no secret that the Caribbean coast of Mexico is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. With sweeping vistas of turquoise blue waters, swaying palms and soft white sand, you and your loved one will be swept away by the natural beauty that surrounds you in Cancun for your honeymoon. Devote hours to lounging on a hammock for two, grab a snorkeling mask and explore the teeming underwater world just a few feet from shore, or simply pass the afternoon drawing your initials in the sand. However you choose to spend your day on the beach in Cancun, be sure to embrace the art of being together.


2. Incredible Excursions

While honeymooning in Cancun, you’ll find some of the most incredible excursions to embark upon as a newly married couple. Experiencing new things together is extremely important and with so many interesting, exhilarating and magical excursions in and around Cancun, you’ll have more than enough exciting stories to share. For a well rounded honeymoon in Cancun, visit the ancient Mayan ruins, discover the unbelievably gorgeous cenotes and be sure to head out on a unique ocean adventure.

3. Affordability

Aside from the obvious dollar to peso ratio, there are many aspects about a Cancun honeymoon that are beyond desirable for your pocketbook. To begin with, flights to Cancun tend to be cheaper than most other tropical destinations given the fact that it is one of the most sought after destinations in the world. With such discounted airfares, you’ll be able to spend your hard earned money somewhere other than on just getting to your destination.

In addition to reasonably priced airfare, Cancun is known to have more than a few inexpensive five star resorts. Luxurious and affordable resorts, such as Tafer’s Villa Del Palmar Cancun are plentiful and many offer discounted packages for honeymooners.  Be sure to check resort websites before you book to see what specials they have for romantic occasions. You might just find discounted spa packages, romantic dinners for two and a plethora of other perks for being newlyweds!


  1. Romance is in the Air

One of the most important things you do on your honeymoon will be spending time with the one you love. In Cancun, there is always an air of romance lingering about that makes it the perfect place for honeymooning. It could be the stunning sunrise that begins each day, the mysticism of ancient traditions, or simply the fact that almost everywhere you go, someone will try to indulge your senses.  Whatever the reason, a honeymoon in Cancun is sure to be exactly what you and your new spouse are looking for.


  1. Hospitality

Mexicans are known for their hospitality and the people of Cancun are no different.  Everywhere you turn you’ll have a friendly smile and a helping hand aimed in your direction.  Cancun is a city built around tourism and with it comes incredible service and hospitality.  Don’t be surprised if you and your spouse find friends in unlikely places. Before you know it, you’ll probably know the entire life story of your barman, be giving special thanks to the hotel service staff and calling up a specific taxi driver who has become your “go-to” guy.  When honeymooning in Mexico, you’ll be impressed at how genuine and friendly the locals are.

And just in case you weren’t convinced already, here is one more reason to make Cancun your honeymoon destination.

  1. The “Wow” Factor

The people of Cancun are all about leaving lasting impressions.  While the serene natural beauty that surrounds the city is undeniable, it¡s all the little extras that give it the “wow” factor. In Cancun, you’ll be able do and see things that you can’t do anywhere else in the world. Get an ancient Mayan oracle reading, swim with whale sharks in their natural habitat, discover buried treasure on an ocean dive or visit the Sian Ka’an Biosphere, a place unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.  Anything and everything you and your new spouse do, will leave a lasting impression and have you planning your next Cancun vacation before you even get home.

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