June Weddings: A Popular Month for Tying the Knot

With wedding season fast approaching Canada, the United States and Europe, many people begin asking themselves why June is such a popular time of the year to get married. Aside from the obvious appeal of tying the knot in the summer, there seems to be a lot of history and tradition, from all over the world, behind choosing to marry during the month of June.  And while tradition is just that, tradition, there are plenty more modern reasons to make June the month to unite in matrimony.

The History of June Weddings

Centuries ago, before people married for romance, there were three very important reasons to get hitched in the month of June. According to ancient Roman tradition, many people worshiped a variety of gods, one of them being Juno, the goddess of marriage. In order to pay their respects and honor her, people would get married in June, with hopes of receiving her favorable attentions.

Hygienic Weddings

For all practical purposes, June weddings also became extremely popular not for the romantic air that exudes during that time of year, but more commonly due to hygiene, or lack there of.  Historically, people didn’t bathe quite as frequently as they do nowadays, and it wasn’t uncommon to only indulge in a full body dip once a year. As temperatures began to rise in late May and early June, people would take their annual bath. Ascetically speaking, the best time to both take the plunge and consummate the marriage was shortly after this annual event when people both looked and smelled their best.

Pastoral Bliss

Another popular reason to choose the month of June for your wedding date stems from the times when the majority of people tilled the land on personal plots and large farms. In order to ensure the women were fit for harvest, they would marry in June and expect to bear children shortly after. If the timing were spot on, a woman’s pregnancy wouldn’t interfere with her ability to help with the harvest. And while it doesn’t seem like a very romantic reason to set the date, it did serve many practical functions.

Nowadays, however, there are many modern reasons that the majority of couples are planning their nuptials in the month of June. It is a great time of year climate wise, not only are flowers blooming, but spring showers are a thing of the past. In addition, June happens to be the month with the fewest recognized holy days and national observances, making it easier to navigate around other obligations. Overall the month of June is, and probably will always be, the most popular month to tie the knot.

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