Wedding Venues in Puerto Vallarta - the Orange Deck

Wedding Venues in Puerto Vallarta – the Orange Deck

Hotel Mousai, found on the Garza Blanca Preserve in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico has a number of wonderful wedding venues available for brides and grooms seeking the ultimate big day. “Your day, your way!” is the motto at Hotel Mousai when it comes to helping you plan your dream wedding in Puerto Vallarta. One of the most versatile and enchanting wedding venues at Hotel Mousai is the Orange Deck, which functions as a wedding venue in its own right or a sophisticated foyer and reception for the grand Red Room, an indoor wedding venue that can seat up to 140 guests for dinner or 200 people in a conference style layout.  

Red Room Hotel Mousai Puerto Vallarta

The Orange Deck Wedding Venue in Puerto Vallarta

The Orange Deck is a beautiful outdoor venue which truly oozes personality, originality and versatility, as well as captivating views of the jungle preserve and an opening to the ocean! This wedding venue in Puerto Vallarta provides the perfect space for a variety of events. Whether you are planning a peaceful and serene yoga convention or a music-fuelled cocktail party, the Orange Deck will provide a breath-taking backdrop for it all. However, this area is particularly suited to intimate wedding ceremonies or luxury cocktail wedding receptions as its tropical setting and blissful modernity is sure to inspire your guests.

Large or small gatherings

Large or small gatherings

Whether you wish to host a large or small gathering for your wedding in Puerto Vallarta, the Orange Deck can be adapted for all kinds of themes. This sizable outdoor location is versatile and has its own well-stocked bar and convenient access to luxury permanent bathrooms.

What makes the Orange Deck so special?

What makes the Orange Deck so special?

The brightly colored tree that stands as the focal point to the Orange Deck is the first striking feature. The ethereal beauty of the tree, a blazing symbol of vitality, lends an air of serenity and touch of the extraordinary. The shade provided by the tree, too, is a blessing when the midday sun begins to show its face. The views, however, are without a doubt the best thing about the deck. The emerald green forests, sweeping vistas, mountainous landscape and cyan waters that glitter far below make the Orange Deck the perfect wedding venue to celebrate your big day.

When not in use for functions and events the Orange Deck makes a wonderful place to simply sit back and soak up the beauty of the Garza Blanca Preserve in all its glory.  Wedding venues such as this are just one more way in which the Garza Blanca and Hotel Mousai in Puerto Vallarta offer the very best experience to their guests.

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