Valentines Gifts for Men

Valentine’s Gifts for Men

Women tend to be far easier to buy gifts for when it comes to Valentine’s Day: if the Valentine’s gift is romantic, thoughtful or sentimental, then the partner in your life will have struck gold. Men however are slightly more difficult to buy for as they do not usually buy into the romance as such and would rather have a gift that they can use, wear or experience. A box of chocolates or a piece of jewellery is just not going to cut it. So here are some examples of Valentine’s gifts that may please your man on that special day.

A fun day out

A fun day out

What better way to treat your man to a Valentine’s gift and show him how much you love him by giving him a day where he can escape the day to day grind of his busy life. Surprise your man with a day he will remember. If he is the type of man who loves adventure and thrills then perhaps a sky dive or racing car driving would be a fantastic way to show you care. If he likes the finer things in life, then what about a wine or whiskey tasting that would give him a wonderful night out that’s just a little different or what about taking a boat out to an island and letting him take the wheel? Why not think outside the box for Valentine’s gifts for men?


No, I am not telling you to go out and buy your man some new underwear as a Valentine’s gift. Buy the lingerie for yourself! We all know that men love to see their partners looking sexy. What better way to create some romance and to excite your man than to surprise him in some newly bought lingerie. This can be a Valentine’s gift not only for him but also for you as you now have some sexy new underwear to wear whenever you want.


Valentine’s Day Food

Valentine’s gifts for men can’t go wrong if they include something he can eat. They do say that the way to a man’s heart is good food. Why not plan a romantic meal for your partner by choosing the foods he loves to eat. Or take him to his favourite restaurant, especially if it is somewhere he knows you don’t really like. You could even plan a cooking course for the two of you if you know your husband loves to cook and experiment with new foods but just never gets the time normally.

Love vouchers

If you are a little strapped for cash this Valentine’s day, then love vouchers are a perfect Valentine’s gifts for men. Simply create some vouchers using paper or card, or if you want to be fancy you could get them printed. You could make vouchers for things like: one free massage, breakfast in bed, a particular sexual position that he likes, a foot rub or a night of any TV he wants to watch. Your partner can then choose when he wishes to use his voucher. This Valentine’s gift for men is both romantic and free!

If you have any great suggestions for romantic Valentine’s gifts for men, please share in the comments box.

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