Top Choices for a Romantic Getaway

Top Choices for a Romantic Getaway

Promising great romantic getaways for lovers, honeymooners and couples, there are many wonderful and inspiring locations in the world to choose from. Each offers its own special scenery and unique treats to help you feel the magic of the moment.

Here are just a few of of the top choices for a romantic getaway:


When you’re looking for a destination for a romantic getaway that exudes passion, culture and finesse, Italy is your place. There’s more to this country than spaghettis and pastas.  It has so many incredible locations where you can enjoy a romantic vacation.

ITALY Destination

Rome, Venice, Florence, Pisa, Tusany

Rome is a sentimental favorite for lovers and newlyweds seeking a romantic yet lively city break experience.  Where culture, religion and art meet to give its visitors a different kind of romantic getaway experience.  Venice is another cultural hub where you can enjoy being serenaded as you take a gondola through the city’s network of canals.

Florence and Pisa cater to the needs of art lovers and architecture enthusiasts.  Amusement through theater shows and operas are what Verona is all about. Verona is also where the famous Shakespearean love story of Romeo and Juliet is set. Get a feel of nature by going to Tuscany and taste wine from its seductive vineyards which abound.



France can’t help but make it on a list of top romantic getaways. Not only is French said to be the language of love, the country is a top host for lovebirds.  You will find a number of great romantic destinations that will ignite passion and inspiration between two loving souls.

FRANCE Destination

Paris, Loire Valley, Saint Tropez

Paris is a captivating playground for lovers and oozes class for a number 1 romantic getaway.

The Eiffel tower has been a perennial background favorite for countless camera snaps and proposals.  Paris’ liberal approach to romance means that you will see people embracing and kissing on the streets, smooching under broad daylight without a care in the world.  Take a walk along River Seine and see the eternal love flowing within its serene waters.

Another idea for a romantic getaway in France is to rent yourself a chateaux or gite and explore the Loire Valley.  The place is enchanting and picturesque like that of a postcard.  Its rich vineyards and lush vegetation give peace of mind to its onlookers.  If you want a sassy and chic slice of luxury,  then head to Saint Tropez in the French Riviera.  This playground for the rich and famous offers pleasurable trips, top art galleries and elegant restaurants.

Going to France is like stepping into a world of total bliss and romance.  A must see place for thrill seeking honeymooners, romantics and lovers.



If you want  to be in a place that combines the eternal sun, warm ocean waters, spectacular sceneries and hospitable people, Mexico is your country.  Puerto Vallarta, Cabo, Cancun and the Riviera Maya have all these features plus that warm, devil may care excitement of Mexico.

MEXICO, best place for your vacations

Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, Cabo San Lucas

Puerto Vallarta is unparalleled when it comes to breathtaking views and activities for romantic getaways.  The Pacific Coast city possesses fabulous beaches as well as top hotels, spas, restaurants and bars.  It has many landscapes for exciting adventures like jungle explorations, diving expeditions and horseback riding.  No wonder it captured the hearts of famous Hollywood celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton in the late 1960’s.

Affordable luxury is what you get if you choose Cabo San Lucas for your romantic getaway. Here the best resorts and hotels line up on the Baja California peninsula. Enjoying lots of activities for couples, including jet skiing, diving, snorkeling and kayaking or even safari jungle tours.  It’s one of Mexico’s hot spots and makes honeymooning an electrifying experience to die for.

And let’s not forget Cancun’s powder white sand, turquoise sea and historical charm. It’s hard to choose a better place for a romantic getaway than Cancun. It was built with love on the menu, that’s for sure. Whether basking in its Caribbean waters, exploring a Mayan ruin or dancing till dawn with your other half, love is in the air in Cancun.


Exploring the Indian Ocean means hopping from island to island.  Each will bring you into a secluded but totally unique place.  Madagascar, Mauritius and the Seychelles Archipelago will ensure that your romantic getaway is like nothing you have experiences before.

INDIAN OCEAN Destination

Madagascar, Mauritius and the Seychelles

Paradise on earth is what Seychelles archipelago is.  Stunning vistas and islands of thick tropical trees await honeymooners.  Its azure colored waters and astounding granite boulders will make great photo souvenirs of your amazing stay.

Madagascar with its diverse landscape lets you have a feel of how to live in the middle of the jungle, hidden valleys, rolling plains and isolated mountains.  Great for couples who want to be left alone together in some wonderland.

Lastly, Mauritius is a diver’s haven.  Its exotic underwater beauty is a feast to the eyes of any die-hard diver.  Get on that gear with your lady love, share your colorful love story with the corals and fishes below the waters.

Add your choices for the top romantic getaways in the comments box.

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