MUSA – A Romantic Site for Divers in Cancun

The saying goes, “Couples that dive together, stay together,” and those that have explored the depths of the sea floor with a loved one know just how true this can be. It could be the unbelievable amount of trust you need to place in one another, or it could be the feeling of discovering the world together that creates such an undeniable bond between diving partners. Whatever the reason, scuba diving has long been thought of as a romantic activity and dive spots like MUSA, the Subaquatic Museum of Art in Cancun, are solidifying diving as a romantic activity for lovers.

Romantic dive partner

MUSA in Cancun
In 2009, Cancun, Isla Mujeres and Punta Nizuc saw the beginning of an amazing underwater project that would soon become the home to over 500 permanent life-size sculptures. As one of the largest and most ambitious underwater attractions in the world, MUSA Cancun has been drawing in visitors who not only share a love for diving, but for the mysticism of art as well. This distinct dive location, which features the unique interaction between man and Mother Nature, provides a home to the growing coral reef that has colonized the area. While the complex reef structure is a sight in and of itself, the diverse artistic creations that pepper the seafloor add to the beauty and mysticism of diving in Cancun.

Couples seeking to experience the romantic wonders of Cancun’s underwater world, should definitely spend time diving at one (or all) of MUSA’s fantastic dive locations. The diverse sculptures, located off Punta Cancun, Punta Nizuc and of Isla Mujeres, create an indescribable sight that have visitors amazed from beginning to end. Much like the feeling of falling in love, MUSA’s unique display creates both a thrilling and invigorating adventure, where nervous excitement and a serene natural high are all part of the romantic deal.

Romantic dive partners typically create incredible memories as they discover the mysteries that hide amongst the rocks and depths of the sea floor and the once-in-a-lifetime experience at MUSA is no different. It is hard to put into words just how incredible this dive spot really is, but one thing is for sure, it’s a romantic endeavor that all couples should experience.

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