Garza Blanca Honeymoon Advice

Honeymoon Advice

Your honeymoon is different from any other holiday you will have planned before. You will have people you know ask you “where did you go for your honeymoon,” for years to come. You want to be able to answer them with enthusiasm and fond memories that will excite. To get your honeymoon right, and for it to be memorable for the right reasons, there are a few things to consider. Here is a list of some handy tips to remember when planning your trip of a lifetime.

Plan your honeymoon in advance

If you can avoid it, whatever you do, do not leave your honeymoon planning to the last minute, otherwise you may be left disappointed when going to book accommodation and flights. Do your research and talk to trip advisors. Once you have decided on your honeymoon destination then ask around or research on the internet for the best hotels, restaurants and place to visit once you are there. The earlier you plan your honeymoon, the less stressful it will all be. You may even be able to get a good deal the earlier you plan the trip.

What type of Honeymooner are you?

What type of Honeymooner are you? - Garza Blanca

Decide what type of trip you and your partner want to go on. Are you adrenaline junkies who think hiking, mountain biking, swimming with sharks or sky diving is your thing? Or are you wanting to visit as many places as possible and travel the world on an extended honeymoon? Are you the super romantic couple who want to soak up the sun and receive couple massages and dine under candle light or are you the culture couple who want to embrace the history of a city and visit museums and famous landmarks? Whichever couple you are you need to pick the perfect place that suits the majority of your needs.

Honeymoon fund

A honeymoon fund is a great way for your wedding guests to contribute money towards your dream holiday. You can attach the link to your online fund to the wedding invite. You can create one easily online and it’s a fun way for your guests to feel they have contributed to your getaway. This is fabulous for any couple who may be strapped for cash or who have all the typical wedding gifts already.

Plan something spectacular

It is good to book a trip, tour or experience that you wouldn’t do on any other holiday. This will make the honeymoon stand out to you and give you that awesome memory. You could swim with dolphins or sharks, Skydive or bungee jump, trek the Inca Trail, eat at an exclusive restaurant or take a boat ride to a remote island. Whatever it is, make sure it is out of the ordinary, you will not regret it.

Documenting your trip

Garza Blanca Documenting your trip

You want to remember your trip and the memories you made. Try to take a good camera with you, but if it is expensive, remember to get it insured. You could document your trip through a blog or diary. Collect trinkets and memorabilia like tickets or maps, you can create a scrapbook with these on your arrival home. Documenting is important but don’t let this take over your honeymoon. When arriving in a place or doing something take a few snaps but take time to enjoy the moment and take it all in as you will regret wasting too much time on the perfect picture.

Wherever it is you choose to go on your honeymoon the most important thing to remember is to do is to enjoy the time with your partner and relish the time you have with one another away from everyday life.

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