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Five Wedding Apps to Make Planning a Cinch

Planning your big day can be a tremendous task, especially when you can’t dedicate every waking minute to sorting out the details and setting things in stone. As the clock counts down, rely on these top wedding apps to make planning a cinch and turn your wedding day into a successful and memorable affair.

Wedding Party App

Wedding Party App
This handy new wedding app allows your to share your wedding plans with all your guests. It is the ideal way to stay connected with members of your wedding party, share important details about your upcoming nuptials and even gather everyone’s photos without all the hassle of tracking them down after the wedding. There is even a Wedding Party photo booth that allows you and all your guests to capture the energy and creativity that your wedding creates!

Wedding Budget
With so many details, it can be easy to get carried away. Spending a fortune on one day isn’t in the cards for everyone, that is why brides and grooms should use the Wedding Budget app to control expenses and see when things are starting to get out of hand. The easy-to-read pie charts and supreme organization of the popular wedding app makes it the ideal way to avoid breaking the bank.

Wedding Happy

Wedding Happy – Wedding Planner
Stay organized with the Wedding Happy app that lets you know what the next step is in planning your big day. The customized to-do lists and dashboard overview make staying on top of things easier than ever and you can even export and email schedules to vendors and others who are in the need to know.


Pinterest – Idea Central
While Pinterest won’t help you stay on top of planning, it will give you a host of ideas to make your special day as unique and creative as you are. Download the wedding app and get organized by creating a board for engagement parties, wedding showers, your wedding day and even your honeymoon. By using Pinterest, you’ll open yourself up to a world of possibilities and unbelievable inspiration.


What would a wedding be without a well planned honeymoon to keep the magic going? With TripIt, you can keep all your confirmations in one place and get real-time alerts of flight changes and delays so you can travel stress free. The useful honeymoon app also allows you to upload your plans and trip details so that it can create an itinerary that will make all your honeymoon dreams come true.

If you have any suggestions for cool wedding apps that you have used, please add them to the comments box.

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