What Men Really Think about Getting Married

What Men Really Think about Getting Married

We all know one, whether he happens to be your brother, your cousin, your platonic friend or that irresistible bad boy you knew you shouldn’t get involved with (who, unsurprisingly, broke your heart): ladies, perennial bachelors are everywhere these days.

Terrified at the mere thought of settling down, this particular breed of men keeps serious relationships at arm’s length, lest they get caught up in something meaningful with a girl they actually like.  Instead, they live their lives exclusively on their own terms, floating from random hook-ups to casual dates with ease, but never letting things progress further than that.  To be fair, there are plenty of men out there who really do believe they will trade in the title of player for a more traditional lifestyle someday; however, many of them are having way too much fun along the way and they just aren’t ready to give it up.  

They worry about settling down with the wrong person

Here are some of the most common things men fear about getting married:

They worry about settling down with the wrong person

Even if he did meet someone who seemed absolutely perfect for him in every way, that still may not be enough to convince a guy to give up the game and commit himself to one person for the rest of his life.  With millions of women in the world, how can he be sure that someone even better won’t come along and make him feel like he made the wrong choice?  In all fairness, this is a natural way of thinking for just about everyone, regardless of gender and whether they are in a devoted relationship or not.  As the old saying goes, “the grass is always greener!”.

They are afraid of feeling regret and disappointment later on

If he has been a firsthand witness to the bitter resentment that some couples (especially those who have been married for years) tend to carry around with them, or his parents are divorced, this makes sense.  He doesn’t want to end up in the same kind of situation.  No matter how wonderful things may be in the beginning, he worries that any marriage will eventually deteriorate and he isn’t interested in living that way and becoming another statistic.  

They treasure their independence

Feeling like they have given up even a bit of the control they have over their own lives is something that grips a lot of guys with paralyzing fear.  They realize that if they were to get married, they would be expected to consider the feelings and plans of someone else, which is a hard pill to swallow when you are used to doing whatever you want, whenever you want.  He may have visions of a nagging wife who will expect him to be at her beck and call, or that he will have to stop hanging out with his buddies once he ties the knot.  

While there are plenty of good guys out there who are excited about the commitment of marriage, others may need more convincing that saying “I do” is worth it.  

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