Airbrush Make-up For Weddings

Airbrush Make-up For Weddings

For several decades, make-up artists have used airbrush technology to apply make-up for people in theater, television and fashion. In as early as 1922, airbrush make-up was used in the movie Ben Hur. One big advantage of using airbrush make-up is the ability to make up several faces in a short period of time and still have that flawless look.  And now, the practice of using airbrush technology has gained fame in the beauty salons because people want to have that model-like look for special occasions and weddings.

Highlights of airbrush Make-up at a glance

– Hygienic application

– Hypoallergenic

– Looks completely natural

– Achieves perfection without looking patchy

– Accurate application and full coverage

– Heat and moisture-resistant

– Covers fine lines and wrinkles

– Lasts for hours (up to 24 hours)

– Doesn’t come off easily

How airbrush technology works

How airbrush technology works

Airbrushed Make-up is applied using a small air-operated sprayer instead of our fingers, brushes or sponges.  A professional make-up artist is often sought to apply this type of Make-up to add foundation and eyeshadow to the skin. Tiny pigments of Make-up are chosen according to the person’s skin tone so the end result is a flawless matte finish. When the particles are sprayed, they make a unified tone that can be applied as sparingly or liberally as desired. It gives us that doll-like porcelain look we strive for while also giving our skin a natural look. You will feel like you just left the cover of a magazine when you see your look!

Weddings and Special Occasions

Weddings and Special Occasions

Besides having a flawless appearance, another benefit of airbrushed Make-up is its longevity. It is perfect for brides to wear because it holds up well for most of the day without having to reapply it. It also holds up well in warmer climates like Puerto Vallarta, Cancun and Cabo San Lucas because it withstands moisture and heat well. Your appearance will have that salon-fresh look all day when you use Make-up like this. Also, your face will get a chance to breathe because you don’t have to use so much powder when using airbrush make-up.



This option is so much more hygienic than most other methods of applying Make-up because the Make-up artist does not have to physically touch your face. It cuts down on bacteria because you don’t have to handle sponges and brushes. Also, hypoallergenic pigments are used, so they can be applied to even the most delicate skin.

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