The Best Honeymoon Sex

The Best Honeymoon Sex

While getting away for a vacation with your brand new spouse is something you’re no doubt looking forward to, the real reason most of us wait with wild anticipation for our honeymoon is the thought of all the amazing sex we will surely be having.  While you should expect plenty of bliss between the sheets (not to mention lots of other locations), it’s important not to put too much pressure on yourselves.  That way, you will be able to relax and enjoy your time together.  Here are some of the best ways to make sure sex on your honeymoon is everything you’ve been dreaming of:

Get Some Rest

While you may envision your wedding night as one of the most romantic in your life, the reality is that after months of carefully planning your wedding, plus an exciting and emotional day of mingling with guests, dancing and champagne toasts, you may simply be too exhausted to feel sexy when it’s all over with.  Don’t worry that your sex life is doomed if you go to sleep instead of consummating your marriage.  You have your entire honeymoon, not to mention the rest of your lives together, to do that!

Discuss your Desires Ahead of Time

Discuss your Desires Ahead of Time

Far ahead of your wedding day, have a chat with your partner about the kind of honeymoon each of you envisions.  Talk about everything you are hoping for on your honeymoon, from sex and intimacy to excursions and quiet time.  This sort of open conversation will help you avoid any surprises and allow you to get on the same page.  

Put Intimacy at the Top of your List

One of the great luxuries of going on vacation is that you can do as little or as much as you’d like.  Although you may think sightseeing and adventure sound like great ways to bond with your sweetie, relaxing together is quite important, too.  Having a wedding is a tiring affair, so make sure you take a few days to unwind.  Carving out lots of time to create intimate moments with each other will help you focus on what is truly important during your honeymoon.

Try Something New

Try Something New

Your honeymoon offers the perfect excuse to experiment a bit.  The anticipation of such a trip often helps newlywed’s inhibitions fall by the wayside.  Talk about something new you can try together, whether that means wearing racy lingerie, introducing some new sex toys or acting out a fantasy.  Write down three things you’d like to try, then exchange lists and see where they lead!  Just don’t completely abandon what you’re familiar with, or you may end up disappointed.

Be Prepared for Travel

Familiar things that make your regular sex routine enjoyable, such as an iPod dock, your preferred lube and candles should be taken with you.  Of course, you won’t want to forget your birth control unless you want to try and start a family immediately.  Your doctor can help you skip your period during your trip with the help of birth control, too.   

Look After your Health

Unfortunately, it is common for many women to deal with urinary tract infections during their honeymoon that result from too much sex.  Between the stress of planning a wedding and travel, your immune system will likely be weakened by the time you’ve reached your destination.  That is why it is so important to practice good sexual hygiene, which includes urinating after each sexual encounter, staying hydrated and taking cranberry extract.  

Keep the Excitement Alive

Sadly, many couples have mind-blowing sex throughout their honeymoons, but find themselves in a sexual rut when they return home.  To keep the momentum going once you’ve settled back into your everyday lives, pay attention to what you enjoyed about sex during your honeymoon and recreate the magic at home.  From more frequent romps, to keeping the lights on, to feeling more rested, to sensual massages, honeymoon romance is possible at home if you put in the effort.

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