Summer Wedding

5 Reasons to Make Yours a Summer Wedding

There is no better time of the year to plan a beautiful wedding event than during the months of summer. From June to August, the lush green landscapes, warm summer breeze and vibrant colors will make your day an incredible success. Here are five reasons you should have a summer wedding:

Summer Weddings

The Most Beautiful Time of Year for the Most Beautiful Day of Your Life
It can easily be said that summer is the most beautiful time of the year. While all the other seasons have their moments, summer is when Mother Nature is at her best. From June to August, she dazzles with warmth, sunshine, and vivacious scenery. When choosing a summer wedding, you can expect incredible outdoor venues, lush vegetation in the background of your beautiful day and the perfect lighting for an event unlike any other. Not only will your photographer be thanking you for giving him or her the best natural lighting for your wedding photos, but your guests will be in awe at the beauty that surrounds you.

Flowers are In Bloom

Flowers are In Bloom
As the saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers,” and that is one of the many reasons to choose the summer months for your wedding soirée. During the summer, a large variety of flowers are in bloom, not only giving you a wider selection to choose from for your bouquets, boutonnieres and decorations, but making them cheaper in the long run. Prices of flowers sky rocket during the winter months because they have to be flown in from all over the world, but during the summer, when they can be found locally, flowers are much more reasonably priced. If the wedding of your dreams dons a massive floral motif, plan your date during the months of summer or choose a destination wedding in a warm tropical climate where flowers are in bloom all year long.

Comfort of Guests
Not only will a summer wedding have you looking your best, showing off a golden tan and accentuating that summer physique in your gorgeous wedding gown, but your guests will feel more comfortable as well. During the summer months, there is no need to cover up with heavy jackets and elaborate scarves as they run in and out of ceremony and reception sites. Guests will feel at ease as the warmth of summer allows them to wear elegant outfits without all those extra accessories required of colder times.

You’ll also be impressed at how many more guests will be able to attend your summer wedding than at any other time of the year. People tend to have more vacation time during the summer and you won’t have to battle with conflicting school schedules. A summer wedding is bound to have a higher turnout rate than any other season of the year.

Positive Energy

Positive Energy
There is a reason that some of the friendliest and happiest people in the world live in the tropics. The natural euphoria of being outdoors, under the warmth of the sun’s rays, is electrifying. There is a surge of incredibly positive energy that seems to come about when the sun is shining and people are outdoors. Take advantage of the extra good vibes by planning a summer wedding, when family and friends are naturally more energetic and in better spirits.

Outdoor Weddings
When planning a summer wedding, you’ll find a slew of venues that offer outdoor settings that require little extra decoration. Whether tying the knot in a lush garden, saying “I do” in the sloping hills of a golf course, or simply having a backyard shindig, you’ll find that most outdoor settings are already decorated with flowers, shrubs and lush green landscapes. Choosing a summer wedding can not only save you a lot of money, but it also gives you the opportunity to use Earth’s most valuable resource, Mother Nature. If you’re absolutely set on a fall or winter wedding, trick your guests into thinking its summer by inviting them to the warmth and sunshine of a destination wedding.

Don’t forget, if a summer wedding is just not possible or within your budget, an intimate destination wedding in a warm country could bring your that summer feeling any time of the year.

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