Wait for the Ceremony or Take a First Look?

Wait for the Ceremony or Take a First Look?

As one of the biggest trends in wedding photography, you are no doubt contemplating whether or not to include a “first look” on your big day.  Posing with your betrothed in a series of photos as you reveal your wedding day looks to one another before the ceremony has become incredibly popular recently.  A first look captures the anticipation and glee you both feel as you get to see each other for the very first time in your wedding ensembles.  From sweet to silly to sassy, this gives you the opportunity to let your personalities shine through.

Popular poses like the groom eagerly awaiting the bride’s arrival as she approaches him from behind have become de rigueur in wedding photography.  While capturing this exciting and emotional moment on film is a wonderful way to remember your wedding day, many couples are still choosing to go the traditional route and skip a first look.  To help you make this important decision, see below for reasons both for and against taking a first look:

Reasons a first look can be great

Reasons a first look can be great:

  • Your wedding photography will be done early – While traditionally wedding photos take place right after tying the knot, you’ll have them finished before the ceremony even begins.  This will allow you to be present for every moment of your reception so you can start celebrating with your nearest and dearest.  It also frees up your photographer to take more candid shots of you and your guests.  
  • It lets you take advantage of the best lighting of the day – If your ceremony is during sunset or in the evening, it might make sense to take your photos ahead of time.  
  • It can help you relax – If you are feeling anxious about your time in the spotlight during the ceremony, especially as you exchange vows, a first look can help calm you down and get your nervousness out of your system before you walk down the aisle.  
  • It lets you focus on each other and the photography – A first look allows you to pose for photos without the added pressure or distraction of wedding guests watching in the background.   You will have a blast connecting with each other and your bridal party long before your guests get there.
  • The photos are a unique representation of the two of you – Capturing this special moment between you through photography will be a priceless reminder of your big day.

Reasons to avoid a first look

Reasons to avoid a first look:

  • It goes against tradition – Whether you truly believe that it is bad luck to see each other before your wedding ceremony or you are simply looking for a traditional wedding day, feel free to skip the first look.
  • You have always pictured your first look would happen as you walk down the aisle – This romantic notion is often the highlight of the wedding for many couples.  Locking eyes with your fiance as you walk towards the altar in your wedding gown is a magical moment you will remember forever.  

Your guests will be present for the big reveal – Prepare for a wave of emotions as your guests, especially close friends and family members, share in this once-in-a-lifetime moment.

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