10 Ways to Surprise your Spouse on a Honeymoon in Mexico

10 Ways to Surprise your Spouse on a Honeymoon in Mexico

Most brides and grooms spend at least a year planning out the intricate details of their wedding day, but few take the time to think about post wedding plans. More than likely, you’ve spent beaucoup bucks on a honeymoon at a fancy resort in an amazing destination. So why not take full advantage of every opportunity to keep the romance flowing by surprising your loved one with a myriad of special moments? Here are 10 (not to mention easy) ways to surprise your spouse while honeymooning in Mexico.

How to surprise your spouse on a honeymoon in Mexico

1. Ask the concierge at your hotel to have your first dance song playing in your room when you arrive. The nostalgia of such an intimate moment will set the tone for an incredible honeymoon with the one you love.

2. Pay for Mariachi to serenade your suite early in the morning on your honeymoon in Mexico. The unique Mexican tradition will create a memorable moment you’ll both be boasting about for years to come.

Take a sunset cruise

3. Take a sunset cruise. Embrace your spouse while enjoying the incredible ocean breeze as the sun paints the Mexican horizon in brilliant hues of purple, red, orange, and yellow.

4. For a personalized touch, pack mugs that say Mr. and Mrs.__________ in your luggage and have room service bring your first morning coffee in them.

Have flowers

5. Have flowers delivered every day during your stay on your honeymoon in Mexico. The exquisite tropical flower arrangements will add a beautiful touch and delicious aroma to your luxurious suite.

6. Have the hotel staff write a love message in the sand for your spouse which can be seen from your balcony. Make sure to get a picture, the lovely message will surely be something you can use to remind yourselves of the amazing time you had.

7. Ask the concierge to reserve a special spa package just for lovebirds. On the day of your spa treatment, blindfold your spouse and lead him/her into the therapy room for a moment of pure bliss and relaxation.

8. Invite your spouse to a romantic dinner, prepared by a personal chef, on the balcony or terrace of your honeymoon suite. The exquisite meal, supernal beauty of your surroundings and the company of your spouse will create a magical moment that will sweep her off her feet.

9. Take your spouse to pick out a set of handblown Mexican wine or margarita glasses. Not only will they make a great keepsake, but you can use them to enjoy a romantic moment on the beach, drunk on each other’s love on your honeymoon in Mexico.

10. Hire a professional photograph to take special honeymoon photos of you and your new spouse. The sweeping vistas of Mexico’s most beautiful cities will create the backdrop for an incredible honeymoon photo session.

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